The Death of a Dream

The following poem was about a picture I saw in the Argus.  It was called the Muhammed al-Durrah incident.  The year was 2000 and it was a picture about a Palestinian boy who was shot in the face.  His father was crying terribly, cradling him in his arms.  It was at that time the height of conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and the picture just touched my heart.  As a Christian I believe that we in our choices have decided to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our saviour, however at that stage I questioned why certain things happened and why a father should cry because of an innocent boy who knew only what he was taught to be shot.

As he closes his eyes

Slowly as the sun

That sets over the sea

He reflects back

Over a history like the rays

Reflecting off the water


And as he reaches

To the face that looks upon him

A tear falls on his check

From above like the beginning of

A storm in the Father’s heart

That kills this eagles dream

A dream which could have made him fly


As his earthly eyes open

Other eyes open

And sees only darkness

He reaches out and touches

Skin which could be silk

He looks again and sees

That he has been wrapped

In an envelope of feathers


And as he spread his wings

To take flight

He slips from his father’s arms

Disappearing form the dark unending light

Till the end of days


“AlDurrah3”. Via Wikipedia –



Thinking back

And as the dark black lifts

Making way for a deep blue

We make our way back to the station

I asked you want coffee

You said black


As you spoke the air crystalized,

Crystalized against that blue background

And then you smiled that smile

A smile I know would hold you back


Then we got back into the car

We took the road due north

We did not know where we were heading

And you said you did not want to turn back


As you spoke the orange of the

Morning sun reflecting in your eyes

And you smiled that smile

A smile I knew would hold you back


Desserts flashed by

Past our eyes

As we rode history

We felt free


And now that the years have gone by

I remember it so clear

Your smile your eyes how could I forget

It is all memories in that shoe box


The letter which you wrote

the pictures which you took

And I remember the smile

A distance memory which that kept you.

Die Regverdige Profeet

Kyk! Skree hy terwyl hy

terwyl hy in die straat afstap

“Dit is hoe Gods woord sny”

roep hy

terwyl hy met heilige woede rondtrap


Hy loer vanuit die hoogte

oor sy neus

en so veroosaak hy ‘n vallei

van Gods vrees


“Dit is nie wat my Bybel sê nie!”

beklemtoon hy

en skielik lyk almal gegrief,

want die onheil gaan hul ry


So stap hy rond die geregtige profeet

en skree hy hard probeer almal oorheed.

So groei sy eie ek, pof sy self op

en druk hy almal verder in hul dop


“Dis van God af sê ek jou!

Hoe! Kan julle so anhou!”

“Sonder! Om te stop, te luister”

beklemtoon hy met ‘n fluister


“Julle gaan net aan met wat julle doen,

Wat julle wil”

“Julle soek net julle eie roem!!!!”

Sê hy smalend, kil


Dan draai ‘n man na hom

en kyk die profeet stip

“Geagte meneer met respek

waarom ontvang ons nooit u blik?”


“en eweneens is ons gemaak

om waaksaam te wees,

daarom werk ons elke dag

om juis daardeur te leef”


“Wat!” Kots die moderne stem van God

“Ek IS reg sê ek en sny jou af jou sot

en soos hy praat staan hy nog hoër

en soos ‘n haan pof hy hom op.


Nog een draai om en sê vir hom

“meneer ons is verlos,

dit weet ons mos…

“in Sy genade leef ons tog?”

“Wat!” brul die geregtige nog harder

“HOE?! Kan jy my naam so beswadder!”

“Julle kan net waarlik glo:


As julle tale praat, mense heel

visioene sien en profesieë gee!”


Hy draai en stap ‘n entjie weg

draai om en ruk sy baard reg

Dan buig hy soos ‘n leermeester

Na…sy jongste stoutste leering


En soos ‘n fariseër verkondig hy

“julle is verdoem, glo my!”


Toe staan die laaste op met moed

En rol die woorde oor sy lippe soet…

“Dit is volbring het Hy gesê

As sondaar is dit al wat ek wil hê,

As sondaar weet ek hy is soverein

En dit is vir my peikfyn

So waar die wind waai dit weet ek nie

Maar al is daar pyn sal ek hom dank op my knie”

The Foolish Man

He walks around the room to confess

That each of you knows more, but less

With each step he proclaims

To give you insight is my aim


He struts and strides proclaims “you fools”

I provide you herewith worldly tools

I studied long and hard for this

To make what you know meaningless


Who am I you should ask

And then build yourself a worldly mask

To shy away from who you are

This lie sold you, your soul is marred


This is how you make worldly treasure

The ultimate way in which you are measured

Then go and enjoy it all

Even if you take the worldly fall


And when I finished my earthly day

I the fool will die the same way.

Run for your Life

The Church has changed dramatically during the last decade.   This was foreseen by Dave Wilkerson, Carter Conlon, but most importantly foretold by Christ (Refer to Matt:24, Mark:13, Luke:21).   Today we have preacher such as Paul Washer, John McArthur, John Piper, Alistair Begg ect who are begging people to consider true saving grace.  Here is an excerpt of Connor Conlon’s (while sweat pouring of his brow and tears rolling down his face) plea to the USA and Canada’s churches to changes their ways.

Run for your life

Listen to me like you have never listend to me, ever in your life before

We have to got to lay our lives down for the purposes of God

The Holy Ghost says to Paul, touch not the unclean thing, come out from among them, run for your life! This is about your life because this is about your life. It’s not just about an imposing theology or conflicting view point on Jesus, this is about your life!

My mind is forever branded with the story that I heard about police officers from the city of New York as people were fleeing from a crumbling building. There were police officers and firemen and others who were running toward the building saying, “Run for your life!” At their own peril and in some cases I believe they knew they were going to die but there was a sense of duty. I was crying out to God, I said, “God, oh Jesus, don’t let my sense of duty be less for your kingdom than these beloved firemen and policemen were for those perishing in a falling tower.”

We’re living in a generation when truth is falling into the streets. I want to be among those that are not running away from the conflict but running into the conflict and saying, “Run for your life!”

Run from gospels that focus only on success and prosperity. Run!

Run from those that use the name of Jesus Christ only for personal gain.

Run from those that are picking your pocket in the name of Jesus. Run!

Run from gospels that only focus on self-improvement. Three Steps to a Better Personality. Three Steps to this and that. Run!

Run from churches where men and not Christ are glorified. Body of Christ, run! Get out! Don’t touch the unclean things.

Run from churches in America and Canada where there is no Bible. There is no cross in their theology. There is no searching word. There’s no repentance from sin. There’s no mention of the blood of Jesus. It’s unclean so run!

Run from churches where worship leaves you cold. There is no sense of God because they don’t know God.


Run from churches where you are comfortable in your sin. That’s a table of devils if you come in the house of God and you’ve got sin in your life and you’re not convicted of it. You’re at a table of devils.

Run from pulpits that are filled with political men who are using the pulpit of God for a personal political agenda. Run! Run from those who preach division between races and cultures. Run! Get out! They know nothing of God.

Run from ungodly, spasmodic movements and endless empty prophesying. Beloved in the church, run for your life!


Run from preachers that stand and tell stories and jokes. Run like you’ve never run before.

Run from those who are only after your money and they use one gimmick after another. One foolish thing after another to get your money. Run!

The war of righteousness.

I have this war in me it wages every single day since my mother has died and it will not cease.   I have been waging war with my soul, but so has Christ.  He does not let me go He pursue’s me with a godly perseverance which I can not describe.

I am running to the world, but God calls me back every day.  I thank Him for the fact that He makes me contrite for my worldly love every single day.  I pray that He pours passion and anguish in my live and that He keeps me on my knees in repentance.   I scream in my silence “God do not leave me!!!  Do not give me over to my sinful past and behavior”.  I whisper at night when waking up in a cold sweat “Please I beg You, I beg You do not forsake me my Lord.  Do not allow me to give myself over to me”.

I rebel against His loving calling most days.  I rebel because I turn back to my humanness and make myself god trying to do life and be what I envision.  I rebel against Him because I turn into a pharisee if I try in my feeble attempts to count the times I have done things for Him or the church.  I rebel against Him when I try to use Him to provide for my feeble material needs.  I rebel against Him with my thoughts which is driven by a wickedly opinionated world.

These forms of entrapment are  what I need to fight against, but I can not do this on my own.  I can only fight with Jesus Christ by my side.  As Paul so clearly said in Romans 1 verse 16 to 17 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.
For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith.”

I can only live by faith… the strangest prayer that I pray when the war’s at its worst is “God I believe in your death on the cross and I believe in your resurrection, I believe the Biblical account of Your life because it is true, but please Lord I beg you help me to believe!” and then it echoes please God do not leave me.

I pray each day that God breaks me and keep me on my knees in humble adoration in front of Him.